Scalia/Ginsburg, The Glimmerglass Festival, 2017

"Brent Michael Smith more than held his own as The Commentator. Mr. Smith not only has a substantial bass-baritone of considerable accomplishment, but he has maturity of delivery and a capacity for humor that make him a distinct asset to this or any other realize you can’t take your eyes off him lest you miss whatever inspired business he might do next." Opera Today

The Tender Land, Michigan Opera Theatre, 2016 

"Bass Brent Michael Smith sang Grandpa Moss with admirable strength and richness, delivering the role’s broad physical comedy ably." Opera News

The Magic Flute, Michigan Opera Theatre, 2016 (right)

"Brent Michael Smith exuded calm and authority as The Speaker, delivering a captivating baritone well suited to Mozart." Opera News

Xerxes, The Glimmerglass Festival, 2017 (right)

"Brent Michael Smith clearly understands what it takes to be a successful Ariodates...It's hard to imagine how one could perform the role better than Smith did."

"Ariodates was sung by Brent Michael Smith with sonorous dignity."

"Brent Michael Smith was stalwart, solidly voiced Ariodates." Opera Today 

"Brent Michael Smith lent a sturdy bass to Romilda’s father Ariodates."

Little Women, Michigan Opera Theatre, 2017 (left)

"As Professor Bhaer, bass Brent Michael Smith was one the production’s highlights. With a breathtakingly lush voice, Smith’s singing of the sumptuous “Kennst du das Land” pastiche was captivating. He unleashed a restrained passion, particularly in the translated repetition of the German, heatedly directed at Jo. His chemistry with Hunter was palpable and their voices were perfectly matched." Opera News

Ariodate in Xerxes, The Glimmerglass Festival 2017, photo by Karli Cadel

Brent  Michael  Smith -​ Bass

Ariodate, Xerxes, The Glimmerglass Festival 2017, Photo: Karli Cadel

Friedrich Bhaer, Little Women, ​Michigan Opera Theatre, Photo: Mitch Carter

The Speaker, The Magic Flute, Michigan Opera Theatre, Photo: John Grigatis